Mobile Photography Gadgets That Will Help You Step Up Your Game

If you were asked what the best thing is about shooting photos with your phone, what would you say?

For me, it’s hands-down the ease and convenience of mobile photography. Some photographers think that mobile phones aren’t real cameras and that mobile photography is the lazy man’s version of actual photography.

But I beg to differ, especially in light of the fact that our phones are more capable than ever, with tons of apps and gadgets available to extend their functionalities even further.

If you want to step up your mobile photography game, consider the following gadgets and gizmos as must-have items.

Sirui Mobile Phone Lenses

If I have one complaint about the lens on my smartphone, it’s that it’s wide-angle and has a terrible zoom.

That isn’t a problem for things like landscape photography when wide-angle is usually what I want anyway.

But when I want to take a portrait, it’s nice to have a bit more focal length so I can fill the frame with my subject without having to be right up in their face.

Where some mobile phone lenses degrade the quality of the images you take, the Sirui 60 mm Portrait Lens enhances the look of your photos.

That’s because each lens is constructed with glass that’s got high light transmission, precise color rendition, and an anti-reflection coating to minimize glare.

What’s more, these lenses have reduced distortion and minimal vignetting, which gets you 4K quality still images from your phone.

One look at the previous two images – the first with a regular smartphone lens and the second with the Sirui 60mm Portrait Lens – and you can see just how much closer you can get to the subject!

If portraiture isn’t your thing, Sirui has you covered. Get an 18mm wide-angle lens and a 170-degree fisheye lens to complete the set of three.

Sirui even has a circular polarizing filter for their wide-angle lens, so you can get shots with less glare, minimized haze, and clouds that pop on a more saturated sky.

With these lenses, you can take a wider variety of photos of different subjects, and do so with the confidence that your images will be clear, sharp, and have excellent colors.

Glif Smartphone Tripod Mount


Having a way to stabilize your camera isn’t just a good idea for your DSLR or mirrorless system. It’s also a great idea for your smartphone.

You can avoid blurry and out-of-focus images by mounting your phone on a tripod, which you can easily do with the Glif Smartphone Tripod Mount.

With a 1/4″-20 tripod thread, Glif is compatible with most standard tripods.

What’s more, it’s adjustable jaws accommodate most phones, even with the case on.

Unlike some adjustable phone grips, Glif uses a hex key for fine-tuning the size of the grip, that way you’re sure your phone is nice and snug and won’t fall out.

Muku Shuttr Remote


If you use your smartphone with a tripod, you’ll need a means of triggering the shutter, too.

The Muku Shuttr Remote is a good choice because it’s small, compact, and easy to carry. In fact, with a keychain attachment, you can easily have it in your pocket with your keys.

The remote has a range of about 30 feet, giving you tons of flexibility in terms of the photos you take. Get great group shots, take selfies from afar, or simply use the remote in conjunction with a tripod to get stable and steady shots.

Also included with the remote is a phone stand that allows you to prop up your phone when you don’t have your tripod handy.

There’s a microfiber cloth for cleaning your phone’s lens, too, which is a nice addition that will help keep smudges and dirt at bay.

FujiFilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer


‘m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have a ton of photos on your phone that you haven’t downloaded, let alone printed.

I know I do…

That’s where a smartphone printer like the FujiFilm Instax comes in handy.

It’s a small, portable printer that’s app-enabled, which allows you to print 10 snapshots at a time.

Better still, you can use the printer to make prints of new photos or ones from years ago you still have on your phone.

Just turn the printer on, start the app on your phone, and choose which photos you want to print out.

You get several options to edit your photos, but the printer handles much of the adjustments, including cropping, rotating, or enlarging the photos to fit the size of the print.

There’s even the option to add borders or text to your photos for a little extra creativity.

Putting It All Together


When it comes to taking better photos with your smartphone, there’s a lot to consider.

Just like a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, there’s considerations to make about composition, framing, lighting, and so forth.

But there’s also the technical and practical aspects of photography to consider, like having the ability to capture different types of images with an array of lenses, getting sharp photos with a tripod and a remote, and having an easy way to make prints of the photos you take.

The accessories outlined above allow you to tackle each aspect of the process of photography, from taking great photos to making prints.

Armed with these gadgets, you’ll be able to take better photos that make people wonder, “How’d you do that with your phone?!”

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